Map Editor

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To activate editor of the vector map select Map Editor item from Tools menu.

Map Editor is intended for creation and editing of digital maps.

Vector map editor is controlled by the additional control panel located in left part of the         system main window at the starting of Map Editor.

Control panel of Map Editor (further - the main editor panel) can have a standard sort or professional sort.

The standard panel of map editor includes a minimum set of modes of creation and editing of digital map objects.

The professional panel of map editor represents enlarged version of the standard panel and includes a series of modes ensuring additional service for creation of digital maps " from  zero point ".

Control panel of Map Editor represents a set of keys, each of which corresponds to definite edit mode.

In the professional panel besides there are keys conforming to the whole modes groups of creation and editing of map objects. The selection of such key results to appearance of   the additional map editor panel keeping a set of keys, conforming to definite editor functions.  

The call of editing function is carried out by pressing of the appropriate key.

The key assignment is commented in message line at cursor presence above the appropriate  key.

After completion of executed operation (finish of object editing) saving of entered   data into the appropriate file is carried out.

If program failures after completion of object editing, data is not lost.

All displaying options (such as color, scale, view contents, background etc) are available during of creation and editing process and can be changed any time you need.

Map editor functions

Choice object sample;

Create point object;

Create line object;

Create polygon (area) object;

Create label;

Create object with existing code;

Create object group by coordinates from file;

Save conditional objec;

Create object models;

Delete selected object;

Delete one subobject;

Delete all subobjects;

Move object;

Full copy (duplicate) of object;

Edit vertex;

Create node;

Delete vertex;

Close object;

Edit label;

Change object type;

One step undo;

Create subobject;

Copy part;

Delete marked object;

Restore deleted objects;

Edit common vertices of adjacent objects;

Rotate object;

Copy object to user map;

Add vertex;

Create points of objects intersections;

Merge objects;

Copy all subobjects;

Copy marked objects to user map;

Joint vertices;

Dissection of line object;

Adjustment of line objects;

Subpanel Delete;

Subpanel Set;

Subpanel Topology;

Restore of edited objects;

Map Editor options;

Change code (Re-code) of marked objects;

Filtering objects;

Smoothing objects;

Subpanel Vertex;

Subpanel Creation;

Subpanel Semantic (of marked objects);

Append semantic to marked objects;

Delete semantic of marked objects;

Change semantic of marked objects;

Editing object semantic;

Subpanel Label;

Subpanel Mark;

Subpanel Measurement;

Expanding (prolongation)of line object Grouping;

Subpanel Part;

Move part of object;

Creation of a template;

Scale range for marked objects;

Vectoring of a relief;

Formation of a set of objects;

Subpanel Autofigure;

Editing of object semantic characteristics by list;

Group of modes Alignment selected of objects;

Subsidiary modes of creating and editing.