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mapeditThe mode allows to reassign files for inserts of maps and inserts of images, as well as to perform positioning and scaling of the maps image in inserts.

The image of the drawings in the insets always  «fits» into the frame.

As a result, it may be «prolate» after drawing.

To restore the proportionality of the image in the edit insert mode, after selecting an object on the map - an image insertion, press the «Q» key or press the right mouse button and select the corresponding menu item. The restoration of proportionality is performed on the short side. I.e. the shorter side of the rectangle remains unchanged, and the long side is adjusted in accordance with the proportions of original image.

Maps in inserts can be moved and scaled by direct change in semantics of values of coordinates of the image center and a relative scale, as well as by means of the mode «Edit insert».

To edit the insert, you must select the appropriate map object.

To edit the position of the map in the insert, after selecting an object, move the mouse with the pressed left button. The map is scaled by pressing the keyboard keys «A» and «Z». Replacing the map file or image is done by pressing the «O» key (lat.).